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Who We Are

Primary Response is a privately-owned Canadian company providing the design, implementation, and management of a complete spectrum of comprehensive private security, investigations and consultant services.

Within the framework of governing legislation, regulation, and established standards of best practice, our bonded and professionally trained teams of private security professionals provide the industry’s best private security services.

We are proud of our track record of excellence and yet strive to shape the future of Ontario security services through the development of new and innovative service delivery methods. Simply put, we provide a variety of turn-key and custom security solutions that enable comprehensive and effective program operations.

Our guiding philosophy is embodied in our Mission, Vision and Value Statements and is implemented through strategic and operational planning processes evident in our day-to-day business.


Primary Response, through strategic planning, preparedness, experience, and expertise is committed to the enhancement of the image of the private sector security industry. We proudly support proper recognition for individuals who choose to pursue a career in Ontario security services.


It is our goal to be the industry leader of Ontario security services. In the quality of our service and in our workplace, we remain committed to our ‘best practice principles’, which are the framework of our organization and guide every aspect of our business.


We value our company’s reputation and we’re proud of the integrity, sincerity and transparency our employees demonstrate every day. We are a training culture and a learning organization. Functioning as a team, we strive to institutionalize the discipline, processes and methodologies that offer the greatest reliability and quality of service.


Our service philosophy is first based on identifying the client’s needs, and then exceeding them. In maintaining a firm commitment to providing a superior workplace, we thereby provide a superior service and do so in a cost-effective fashion, while creating personal and company growth opportunities.

Code of Conduct/Ethics

Our mission, vision, values and philosophy of service includes a set of voluntary principles held above applicable legal requirements, which seek to ensure a positive impact on the communities we serve. Strategies related to our services, business ethics, environmental practices, treatment of employees, approach to human rights and community engagement are inherently part of our corporate responsibility approach.

To view Primary Response’s Code of Conduct click here.

The Primary Response Difference

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