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Special Event Security

Our event security services, provided by our permanently employed and highly-trained Contingency Emergency Response Team, cover events at various high-profile public venues, such as Award Shows and Sporting Events, as well as discreet, low-profile venues such as political and private corporate events.

We assess your event security requirements and design a program that addresses such items as access control, crowd management, evacuation protocols and media management, and will provide optimal protection of persons and property, ensuring a comfortable, threat-free environment for events of any size and nature.

Some of the benefits of our Event Security Services include:
  • Specialized Operative Attire
  • Security Management Planning
  • Emergency Management & Response Plans
  • Crowd Management and Liaison Coordination
  • Dedicated Event Liaison Manager

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Special Event Types

  • Concerts
  • Awards Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Political Events
  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events

The Primary Response Difference