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Security Guard Service

Every Primary Response security guard undergoes an extensive twelve-step recruitment process that includes aptitude testing, personal interviews, and background checks and must meet all standards set by our company before earning a place on the Primary Response Team. The men and women are selected by virtue of their experience, knowledge, and commitment to private security.

We strengthen their skills well beyond the basic training required of many provinces in Canada to obtain a security guard and/or private investigator’s licence. We do this by offering continued training in security techniques, self-protection, tactical communications, non-violent crisis intervention, customer service, access control, report writing, and criminal code. These courses, among many others, are offered and provided by our qualified in-house instructors.

Our teams of security professionals are licensed, properly trained, certified, equipped, and supported by an extensive off-site 24/7/365 support structure that ensures a protective, fiscally responsible security investment.

Some of the benefits of our Security Guard Services include:
  • Protection of Life and Property
  • Confidential, Personalized Service
  • Effective Crisis Management and Response
  • Superior Guard/Client Compatibility

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Examples of Services Offered

  • High Profile/High Risk Security
  • Concierge Services
  • Building Patrols
  • Valet Services
  • Fire-Picket/Key-holder/Lease Holder

    The Primary Response Difference