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Labour Disputes

Current social and economic changes have created environments where strained employee/employer relations may escalate to strikes, lock-outs and volatile activity. These situations require specialized labour dispute security and investigation services to ensure the security of persons, property and information. With the aid of thorough communications, constant monitoring and appropriate, prompt back-up response, our guards are the best equipped to provide labour dispute support.

Primary Response has assembled several teams of security guards specializing in labour dispute situations and crowd control. They are extensively trained in specialized security techniques specific to labour disputes and are experienced with de-escalation and positive public perception protocols.
Our teams are equipped with various forms of verbal and visual communication devices that are monitored 24/7/365 by mobile area support personnel and our Communications Control Centre, to ensure prompt proactive support measures. We also incorporate various other forms of technology to assist in surveillance, constant monitoring and real-time, accurate record transfer. This ensures prompt and appropriate response while lessening the likelihood of retaliation.

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Examples of Labour Dispute Training

  • Situation Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crowd-Control
  • Tactical Communication
  • Fire Prevention/Response
  • Emergency First-Aid Procedures

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