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Primary Response utilizes a wide range of sophisticated surveillance equipment such as covert real-time cameras, hand-held video recorders, night vision optics, vehicles equipped with covert on-board pan-tilt cameras and extensive communication devices.

Our investigation specialists are highly trained in the appropriate techniques, methods and applications of intelligence gathering and the use of the required technology. We conclude all investigative programs with a written, in-depth report, which supplies the client with all details of the assignment.

All programs are customized to meet the unique requirements of the client’s industry. Confidentiality and dedication to client protection is paramount. As with all Primary Response programs, our investigators are highly skilled and address, correct and record information consistent with legal proceedings while remaining sensitive to the client’s position and integrity.

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Some of the Investigations Services we offer include:

  • Claims-specific
  • Financial-specific
  • Employment-specific
  • Information-specific
  • Locate-specific

The Primary Response Difference