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Shopping Centres / Retail Sector

Primary Response provides security services for shopping centers, multi-use complexes, lifestyle centers and retail spaces. Our highly trained security guards are experienced in providing highly-effective, professional, customer-focused security services in active public settings.

We realize that high-traffic, fluid security settings require flexible security solutions and we offer a variety of turn-key solutions that include flexible and adaptable service to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment. They maintain an emphasis on both public relations and proactive threat prevention while leveraging both technology and human services to reduce risk, reduce shrink, and mitigate security breaches.

Our guards receive ongoing training in customer service, accessibility, diversity and loss prevention and act as ambassadors for our client partners while creating a positive, safe environment for both tenants and the public.


It is a pleasure to recommend Primary Response to other retailers and especially to other Grocers as their presence in the store helps to create a culture of awareness, with reducing and managing shrink as the focus.


Why Primary Response

  • Professional and Empowered Guards
  • Customer-service Commitment
  • Extensive and Ongoing Training
  • Experience in Loss Prevention
  • 24/7/365 Support Network

The Primary Response Difference