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Hospitals & Healthcare

The benefits of implementing Primary Response’s healthcare security services include improved security coverage for your facility, and stronger leadership and security department performance through extensive and specialized healthcare security training. We focus on a positive patient experience and innovative “front-line” customer-service-first solutions to improve the safety of staff, patients, out-patients and visitors.

Our IAHSS certified guards have the highest level of training available in the industry and are committed to ongoing education and recertification. They have extensive training in Accessibility, Crisis Management, Tactical Communications, Sensitivity & Diversity, as well as healthcare-specific scenario-based training. With an unrivaled off-site support network also trained in healthcare specific security and the ability to seamlessly integrate into an established security framework; our guards are fully-equipped to provide the innovative people-first security solutions required of each unique healthcare environment.

Primary Response’s progressive, flexible and supportive management style includes the very important role of recommending and implementing key performance-improvement initiatives. Through reviews of technology and human security services, we identify opportunities to improve benefits-cost ratios and efficiencies. Together with our client partners, we are committed to providing solid communication and transparency, so that we can provide the very best healthcare security in the industry.


I have no hesitation in recommending Primary Response to any Hospital seeking a truly professional service agency that not only delivers what they promise in form of service, but have proven to be one of the most supporting and encouraging employers I have seen in the security sector.


Why Primary Response

  • Unparalleled Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • 24/7/365 Support Network
  • Comprehensive Threat/Risk Assessments
  • Exemplary Quality Control Processes
  • Unrivaled Industry and Site Specific Training

The Primary Response Difference