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Government Facilities

Primary Response provides government security services for municipal, provincial and federal government buildings, as well as public safety and security programs for various cities within Ontario. Our government security services team has and maintains the highest level of security clearance required of Canadian government suppliers, as well as applicable security clearances as required by the police services and government facilities we serve.

The needs of our government and public sector clients are fluid and often there are requirements for immediate-need security services. We provide real-time critical information conveyance regarding staffing level preparedness and excel at providing qualified, trained and experienced staff in short-notice sensitive situations.

Primary Response works closely with government partners to assess threats, and identify the best solutions for proactively safeguarding assets, information and people, while acting as ambassadors for private security services as a whole.


[Primary Response’s] client focused approach, quality based service, and attention to detail has been exceptional and has resulted in an increased productivity, and improved client confidence in our team.


Primary Response has provided exceptional customer service. I have been extremely pleased with Primary’s Guards, shift Supervisors and Account Managers. I appreciate the flexibility, professionalism, consistent and frequent communications, trouble shooting, and quick response Primary has provided. Their dedication to The City’s security service has improved many of our operational challenges.


Why Primary Response

  • Government-specific Specialized Training
  • Highest-level Clearances
  • Seamless Communications
  • Unparalleled Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • 24/7/365 Support Network

The Primary Response Difference