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Educational Facilities

Primary Response is one of the industry’s top educational facility security providers. We recognize that educational facilities are communities within communities and are committed to supporting the Positive Living-Learning Environment experience. We recognize that students often live, work and play on campus, so a narrow approach to security provision will not provide the full coverage an educational facility requires. With years of experience developing customized solutions for schools, colleges and universities, Primary Response understands the unique requirements of an education environment and the need for ever-evolving support.

Our guards are selected and trained extensively to be the best fit for each community. Those working in educational communities are specifically trained in diversity and sensitivity and provide exemplary skills in adapting and responding to various cultural, religious and ethnic groups.

Primary Response provides proactive security, balancing exemplary customer service with a unique blend of approachable, consistent and firm but fair service. Our team of security guards are trained to identify warning signs during sensitive times of year and are supported by a 24/7/365 Communications Centre and mobile support team.

The security needs of educational institutions are fluid. Primary Response is the best in the industry at responding to immediate calls-to-action and has unrivaled contingency planning processes in place. We work with our clients to develop customized Emergency Response Plans and to provide the utmost support during times of need.


Primary’s ’employee-empowerment philosophy’ is evident in the improved security staff morale and their individual successes.


[Primary Response’s] hands-on, firm but fair approach to program management by off-site support must be highlighted as a success of [the] company’s ability to assist and enhance, not over-power or replace, the critical Program Supervisory position. Staff suitability as a whole, I believe, strongly supports Primary’s personnel professional development strategies and commitments to training and coaching.


Why Primary Response

  • Seamless Communications
  • Education-specific Ongoing Training
  • Many Years of Education-specific Experience
  • Commitment to Positive Living-Learning Experience
  • Empowered Professional Guards

The Primary Response Difference