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Commercial / Corporate Towers

The benefits of implementing Primary Response’s commercial security and corporate security services include improved fiscal responsibilities, transparency and accountability. We understand that each corporate culture is unique and that the challenges of the management company are all-encompassing of the diverse corporate cultures and sensitivities of the corporate tenant partners.

Primary Response is committed to improving public perception of the security role through the promotion of pro-social behaviour. Our employees act as ambassadors for our company, and for our clients, and are highly trained in diversity, sensitivity and the unique nature of corporate tenant partnerships. With customer-focused proactive security services, Primary Response will improve tenant and visitor experience through prevention of crime and anti-social behaviours, while enforcing the sanctions of corporate governance.


We have been very pleased with the level of attention, flexibility and quick response of the Primary Response management and support team members and specifically impressed with the company’s willingness and ability to recommend and adopt improved communications and information sharing functions.


Why Primary Response

  • People-first Approach
  • Commercial/Corporate Experience
  • Proactive Security Services
  • Certified Professional Guards
  • Exceptional Ongoing Training

The Primary Response Difference