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Airport Security

Primary Response’s Canadian Airport Security Programs focus on improved efficiencies within sensitive, fluid security environments, with a focus on creating a safe travel environment and a Positive Passenger Experience.

Our airport security guards receive ongoing specialized training in such areas as customer service, access control, sensitivity, diversity and accessibility and act as in-terminal ambassadors.

We complete thorough threat-risk assessments, including occupational health and safety analyses, and we are certified under the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), administered on behalf of Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), for the CATSA Screening Contractor Management System Standard (CGSB#10004). With our transparent, flexible and supportive management style, our airport partners can be confident that they are receiving the best service in the industry.


In a challenging environment, Primary Response has been able to deliver a quality service with professional employees and always been willing to take on extra work as required.

Why Primary Response

  • Extensive In-terminal and Airside Training
  • Commitment to Positive Passenger Experience
  • Professional CGSB (CATSA) Certified Guards
  • Seamless Communications
  • Unparalleled Emergency Preparedness Plans

The Primary Response Difference