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When was Primary Response Inc. founded?

Primary Response was founded in 1996.

Where is Primary Response’s head office?

Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Click here for our address and a map to our location.

How can I apply to be a part of the Primary Response Inc. team?

Click here to visit our online Careers portal where you can upload your resume directly, or visit our FaceBook page and click on the careers tab.

Does Primary Response provide Loss Prevention services?

Yes we do! For more information on all of the services we provide, click here to be redirected to our Services page.

What is Primary Response’s Mission Statement?

Our Mission Statement can be found here in the About Us section of our webpage.

Can I fax a resume to Primary Response?

You sure can! Our fax number can be found here. Or, you can visit our online careers page here and upload your resume directly to our HR department.

The Primary Response Difference