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AODA Service Statement


This Policy established that Goods and Service will be provided to persons with Disabilities with Dignity, Equality and Independence and in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code (1962).

Primary Response is committed to Customer Service that is consistent and respectful to all of our Employees and Clients, regardless of Disability. A breach of this policy will result in discipline up to and including discharge.

Assistive Devices: Persons with disabilities will be permitted to use assistive devices at any time within the offices of Primary Response Inc.

Service Animals: Service Animals, such as Guide/Hearing/Seizure Dogs and other Certified Service Animals shall be permitted in all areas of the Primary Response Inc. Offices when providing assistance to a person with a Disability.

Support Persons: Support persons shall be permitted entry to all Primary Response owned and operated facilities that are open to the Public and no fee shall be associated with this admittance.


The purpose of this Statement of Policy and Procedure is to ensure equality in Customer Service provision.


This Statement of Policy and Procedure applies to all employees, vendors and guests of Primary Response Inc.


Each employee is responsible for observing rules of conduct that are normally accepted as standard in a business enterprise.

Managers are responsible for counselling employees promptly when their conduct or behaviour is inconsistent with the intent of this Statement of Policy and Procedure.



References and Related Statements of Policy and Procedure

SPP HR 2.01.ON — Employment Principles
SPP HR 5.01.ON — Employee Relations Principles
SPP HR 5.03.ON — Workplace Harassment
SPP HR 5:05 ON __ Conduct and Behaviour


NOTICE OF DISRUPTIONS to any or all of the areas of Primary Response that would result in a person with a Disability being unable to safely gain access, will be posted in the following manner:

• On our Website at:
• Via email notifications to all employees, clients and vendors
• Via telephone message to office “on-hold” recordings and individual voicemail messages
• Via regular mail, where email is not available or a suitable means of communication.

Primary Response Inc will make every reasonable effort to provide alternate means of Access or Communication to all person with a disability in the event of a disruption.


• All Employees, Co-ops placements and Training Academy Students of Primary Response Inc., including Management, have received training in AODA.
• All “New Hires”, effective November 1, 2011 receive AODA training at time of pre-hire assessment.
• Training is offered to all Clients who wish to participate
• Refresher Training is Mandatory for all Employees and Management and will be completed no less then every three (3) years.
• Online Training via our website at is available to all Staff.
• In-Office one on one Training is available 4 days per month for all staff
• Twice weekly in-office classroom based training is available to all staff

Feedback Process

Feedback can be provided:

1. Via telephone at 416-658-4536 ext: 118
2. Electronically at: [email protected]
3. In person Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm at: 60 Modern Road, Toronto, Ontario M1R 3B6
4. By regular mail to: Primary Response Inc. AODA Compliance Coordinator 60 Modern Road, Toronto, Ontario M1R 3B6

Availability of Documentation

This document will be posted on our Website and made available to all members of Primary Response, our Clients and the Community at large. This documents is available in “hard copy” upon request. Proof of training compliance will be made available to the MCSS or any other such authorized entity, upon request.

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